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Why Siri’s ?: Student Reviews

“This year has been so wonderful. the email information was a huge help. Jan at the office was also always so polite and informative. My daughter also understood her expectations and further developed her independence skills with communication. Your fees and costume costs were also resonable. I greatly appreciate all of this. Our previous place was a mess. I will spread the word on how wonderful your place is! Stress free! I also expect the recital will be wonderful. My daughter is excited! I am too! Thank you especially for helping the kids enjoy and learn. Your love and desire is clear! All our best!”

The Ray Family

“Elizabeth Moser has been dancing at Siri’s School since its opening and has learned so much during her time here. Not only has she received a solid dance education in many different styles, but she has also developed a lifelong love of the art. Elizabeth graduated from Seneca Valley this year. She will be attending the University of Pittsburgh in the fall, where she plans to continue to pursue dance as well as a degree in Creative Writing. Elizabeth would like to thank her wonderful teachers at Siri’s and her parents for always supporting and guiding her, and wishes the best of luck to next year’s seniors!”

Elizabeth Moser

“Siri’s School of the Performing Arts gave me not only an enjoyable and nurturing environment in which to hone my craft, but the excellence to achieve it. Without my background at Siri’s, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve success in acting in Pittsburgh and then later at Penn State University. Through my time spent in acting, singing and dancing from Siri’s School of the Performing Arts, I now work as an acting agent in London.
Siri’s School of the Performing Arts is a fresh and accepting atmosphere in which to enjoy and explore the arts. Exceeding the quality of all other dance schools in the area, Siri’s is professional and provides excellent personal guidance. The class sizes lend to excellent learning, and the feeling of a community rather than a competition.
Siri’s School of the Performing Arts is unlike other dance institutions. It is a building filled with passion and excitement. The instructors wish their best for their students and help them achieve concrete goals. It is not focused on preparing for one showcase. It aims to achieve confidence in every student and their particular area of interest.
Siri’s was the highlight of my week every week. I knew that I could let out my creativity and find support there. The instructors, and Siri especially built my confidence in striving to have a life in the arts. Now living as a playwright and acting agent in London, I look back and remember those pivotal moments in creating my belief that I could do it.”

Sarah Kosar

“Ever since I was a little kid I knew that I LOVED to perform. Something just clicked in me every time I got onstage, and from that very moment on, I knew I wanted to continue for the rest of my life. I started dance at a different local studio when I was about 3, and quit by age 6. I distinctly remember dreading class because of the overwhelming atmosphere, with at least twenty-five kids in each of my tap, ballet, and acro classes.
Sadly I lost about 11 years of valuable training had I started at Siri’s School. I started getting interested in dancing again after performing in both school and community musicals, but I was nervous and lacked the confidence to start at a studio.
When I was 16, I finally enrolled at Siri’s School, and to this day it was one of the best decisions I have EVER made. I learned that Siri’s is an environment where ALL are welcome, despite skill level or age. Siri’s School teaches proper technique in all styles, and the individual attention and constructive criticism which Siri and her teachers give her students is essential to advancing as a dancer. I have gone far beyond the level at which I hoped to be as a performer, and I owe it all to Siri’s School. Without her help and constant encouragement, I would NEVER be where I am now.
I wrote my Senior Project Paper on the benefits of dance education in child development with Siri as my mentor. She allowed me to assist with classes and even choreograph combinations for some of the younger students; it was truly a rewarding learning experience. I am graduating high school in 2011, and my college plans include continuing with dancing and performing at Penn State University.
One lesson I will take with me from Siri’s School of the Performing Arts is that it’s always better late than never because dancing is a passion and a joy that lasts a lifetime.”

Emily Mancino

“Siri’s School of the Performing Arts has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that always made me feel like it was more of a family than a dance studio. The instructors focus on the enjoyment and self-expression of dance, which helped me to gain a deeper appreciation for it. I loved the individual attention and the variety of classes that were available. I loved my years dancing at Siri’s and I wish I was still a student!”

Janelle Hestin

“I walked into Siri’s dance studio with two left feet and terror in my eyes… and left eight months later not only with some cool moves, but with an understanding and love for dance that I never expected to develop. Siri doesn’t teach tricks that let you pass as a dancer. She drilled me on a solid foundation of technique that has allowed me to progress smoothly and quickly through the college level dance courses that I now take. Additionally, Siri’s School provides a learning environment where you can make mistakes and even fall on your face a few times… as long as you’re willing to get back up again. I was a seventeen year old who had never taken a class in his life, and without the training I received from Siri, I never could have achieved my aspirations to attend school for musical theater. And for that, I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Josh Smith, Musical Theatre graduate of CCM and Broadway show star!

“I had my 7th birthday party at Siri’s School of the Performing Arts. It was very fun. I invited all my friends, I was so happy. We got to do cart wheels, flips, and more. My friends had fun too. We learned a fun dance and listened to good music. The next day my friends were talking all about it. I had fun doing acro and was excited to show my friends what I learned. I had lots of fun. It was a birthday I’ll never forget.”

Maddy Berger

Have we surpassed your expectations?  Your feedback is so important to us.

Why Siri’s ?: Quote


How do we differ from other dance schools?

Not all dance studios are created equal!  We have some distinct differences from many other privately owned and operated dance schools.  All dance instructors and the owner of our school are college certified in their field, be it dance, voice, or musical theater.
We believe in limited class sizes.  Our classes for ages 3-6 are limited to 8 students per class, with all other age groups limited to 12 per class.
We lead the way in our class offerings, being the first in the area to offer HipHop, Musical Theatre, and Zumba.  We also offer popular fitness classes like Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba.

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Can I sit in on my child’s class?

We understand the desire of parents to observe what their children are doing in class.  We have class observation day once during the fall term.  Otherwise, nobody is permitted in the studio to watch class.  We find that the students are easily distracted by observers.  When too many authority figures are present, the children’s focus is distracted looking for Mom and Dad’s approval, or students act out seeking a reaction or attention.  We encourage parents of younger children to wait in our waiting room so that if they are needed they are close by.


What do they do in Musical Theatre?

Led by a dedicated team of instructors, this class will have you on your feet in no time. Many of our dancers love taking this class, as it gives them the opportunity to learn new movements and easily showcase their talent. Interested in learning more? Get in contact with a member of our team, we’re happy to answer any questions.


What’s the difference between Combo and PreDance?

Combo is the basic introduction to dance incorporating ballet, tap, and acro.  Students work on sequencing skills, remembering how to go from one step to another, and basic coordination skills, including all the skills they need to go into any of the other styles of dance when they are older.  

PreDance is the next step in introduction to dance technique. These classes continue to be multi-genre introducing and building upon the basic skills of ballet, tap and jazz.


What is Acro?

Acrobatic dancing is the artistic use of movements and tricks. Acrobatics emphasize strength, flexibility, balance, and control, while developing body awareness and placement, inner rhythm & self-confidence. Skill acquisition in tumbling and artistry provides softer, more lyrical looking lines, with the emphasis being on lengthening “through” the tricks with interesting variations in comparison to gymnastics.

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Who are adaptive classes for?

Siri’s School offers classes by iCANdance, an adaptive dance program for children, teens, and adults with disabilities. Cassidy Negri, an alum of Siri’s and current instructor directs this program. There are multiple levels and private lesson opportunities available. Please reach out for more info.

Why Siri’s ?: Classes
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