Why Siri’s?

Leading the Way: Since our inception in the fall of 2000 we have led the way in class offerings, being the first in the area to offer Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Acting, and Zumba.

Limited Class Size: We believe in giving our students the individual attention they deserve.  Our classes are limited to 12 students per class.

Certified Instructors: Every teacher at Siri’s School has a college degree in their field as well as professional experience.  We uphold the highest standards in dance education and training.

Preparation for Higher Education: Siri’s School is proud of having successfully prepared students for continuing their studies of the performing arts at the college level.  Former students have gone on to major in Musical Theatre, Dance, and Voice at some of the top colleges in the country and some are now starring in National Broadway Tours!  Additionally, our students often land lead roles in their high school musicals.  For more, click here: http://www.sirischool.com/train-with-professionals-for-a-career-in-dance-and-musical-theatre.

Every Student is Priceless: Each individual is unique and special, and we care deeply about each and every one of our students, giving them the individual attention they need and deserve.

State of the Art Studios: Our studio at Northgate Plaza in Harmony, only 1/2 mile north of Zelienople, features beautiful maple and walnut sprung Dura Dance Floors.  High quality sprung flooring is important in preventing dance related injuries.

Original Approach to Dance Teams:  In order to reach their full potential, we strive to instill in the students in our Dance Company a sense of love, joy, and enthusiasm for performing.  We teach correct foundational technique necessary for the proper and safe execution of dance steps, leaps, and turns, and students become proficient on both their dominant and weaker sides.

Student Discounts: Zumba classes and various parties throughout the year are free to all Siri’s School students.