Studio Etiquette

George Cobra PosePlease adhere to these rules while in the dance studio.

No food or drink allowed in studio.
No chewing gum in class.
Hair must be pulled away from face. Hair in bun for Ballet.
No talking back or talking while the instructor is talking.
No hanging on barres.
No street shoes allowed in studio.
Observation days once each term. Dates will be posted a month in advance. Otherwise, nobody is permitted to watch class as this distracts the students.

Withdrawing from Classes:

  • If you would decide to leave “Siri’s School” Before January then you must give a 30 day notice at beginning of the month.
  • If you would decide to leave “Siri’s School” in January or after, for any reason at all, you would still be responsible to pay for the remaining months of the year through June.
  • In the case that this provision would have to be enforced by legal action, the parent/guardian will be responsible for all payments, as liquidated damages, costs of collection, plus interest at the legal rate and reasonable attorney’s fee as determined by the court or 15% of the amount collected failing such determination.

Dress Requirements:

Combo Classes: Pink Ballet shoes, Black Tap shoes, any color leotard and pink tights. (Skirt is OK)

Boyz Club: White ballet shoes, white socks, black or navy blue sweat pants and a white t-shirt.

Ballet: Black leotard for 7-9yrs, Forest Green leotard for 10-12yrs and Burgundy leotard for 13+ yrs (any style), pink tights and pink Ballet shoes.  Advanced Ballet students also need a rehearsal tutu.

Jazz: Black Jazz shoes, Black Jazz pants and leotard.  Students at Siri’s School may purchase dancewear at “All that Jazz” in Wexford and receive a 10% discount. Make sure to tell the attendant that you’re a student at our school and which class(es) you are taking.

HipHop: Black Jazz shoes for Pre-HipHop, black dance sneakers for 8+ yrs, jazz pants and leotard.

Tap: Black tie tap shoes for 7 and up age group. And dance attire as stated above.

Pointe: Only if authorized by Siri. Pink pointe shoes.  Make of Pointe shoes will be discussed personally on a case by case basis.

Acro: Bare Feet, black shorts and leotard, and footless or stirrup tights.

Modern: Same as acro.

Lyrical: Black leotard, black shorts, pink tights, and pink Grecian Sandals (Must be purchased through Siri’s School, as these shoes are specialized).

Shoes can be purchased from Siri’s School (except Pointe shoes, see below). We do not keep these items in stock, but the shoes can be ordered and recieved within 2 days. I suggest that you come to one of the registrations at the end of August so we can size the students (sizing differs from one shoe company to another).

I do not sell Pointe shoes. Please go to “All that Jazz” in Wexford to be sized for these specialty shoes. Do not put ribbons or elastics on them until you have checked that they are OK with Siri.

Inclement Weather:

Although classes are rarely cancelled, in case of snow or icy road conditions, you may call the studio twenty four hours a day to get information on cancellations.

There are no refunds for school closings due to inclement weather.


Always remember to check the school callboard for things that are happening, auditions, parties, schedule changes, etc.

Special Events

“The Nutcracker-All Jazz’d Up”:

Participation is optional.  Rehearsals will begin the last Saturday of September and run every Saturday morning 10-noon until the performance in December.  Costumes are provided by Siri’s School and there is NO FEE for them.

School Recital:

There will be an all school recital in June. Participation is optional, but strongly advised for performing experience and fun!

Costumes will be ordered in January and must be paid in full at the time of ordering.  Tights will be ordered in April and must be paid for by the beginning of May.

Idlewild Performance:

This is an optional performance.  All students and family members will receive discounted tickets to the park the day of the performance.  The performance will be one hour only, time TBA.  Date and time will be confirmed in January.  This is a fun day for everyone and a great performance opportunity for the students.