DSC_1330How do we differ from other dance schools?

Not all dance studios are created equal!  We have some distinct differences from many other privately owned and operated dance schools.  All dance instructors and the owner of our school are college certified in their field, be it dance, voice, or musical theater.

We believe in limited class sizes.  Our classes for ages 3-6 are limited to 8 students per class, with all other age groups limited to 12 per class.

We lead the way in our class offerings, being the first in the area to offer HipHop, Musical Theatre, and Zumba.  We also offer popular fitness classes like Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba.

Can I sit in on my child’s class?

We understand the desire of parents to observe what their children are doing in class.  We have class observation day once during the fall term.  Otherwise, nobody is permitted in the studio to watch class.  We find that the students are easily distracted by observers.  When too many authority figures are present, the children’s focus is distracted looking for Mom and Dad’s approval, or students act out seeking a reaction or attention.  We encourage parents of younger children to wait in our waiting room so that if they are needed they are close by.

What do they do in Combo class?

Combo is the basic introduction to dance incorporating ballet, tap, and acro.  Students work on sequencing skills, remembering how to go from one step to another, and basic coordination skills, including all the skills they need to go into any of the other styles of dance when they are older.  They also work on a routine to perform in our year end recital.

What do they do in Musical Theatre class?

From September until December, students work on dialogue and one song from each of three or four different musicals.  There is movement or basic dance incorporated with the musical numbers.  Then, in January we choose one of the musicals which is best suited for that class and learn two additional songs from that musical, giving three numbers all together.  The dialogue and musical numbers are combined to create a mini musical which is then performed in the year end recital.  My experience has shown this class to be a very popular one.

What is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop is a street influenced style of dance.  It is what you might see in the music videos of artists like Janet and Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Britney Spears, etc.

What is Jazz?

As opposed to Hip Hop, Jazz is a more classical style.  It uses more upper body movement and the moves are more graceful.  You see the Jazz style in some of the funkier Broadway shows like “Saturday Night Fever” or “Fosse”.

What is Acro?

Acrobatic dancing is the artistic use of movements and tricks. Acrobatics emphasize strength, flexibility, balance, and control, while developing body awareness and placement, inner rhythm & self-confidence. Basic tricks include handstands, back bends, splits, and walkovers.

What is Zumba Fitness?

Zumba is a latin style dance exercise that requires no previous dance experience, will help you lose weight and stay in good cardiovascular condition, and its really fun! All our Zumba Fitness instructors are licensed instructors.  Classes are one hour, open to anybody, and are only $5.00/class.  Come join the party!